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Skeleton of a boy sitting on the 'D' of 'Dream', from Francesco Bertinatti, Elementi di anatomia fisiologica applicata alle belle arti figurative (Turin, 1837-39).  Artist: Mecco Leone. Lithograph
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Learning Station

Welcome to the Dream Anatomy Learning Station, a companion educational web site for the online Dream Anatomy exhibition created by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in Bethesda, Maryland.

Dream Anatomy presents a rich collection of images and artifacts reflecting "anatomical imagination in some of its most astonishing incarnations, from 1500 to the present." Using the fascinating stories and images of the exhibition, the Learning Station provides lesson plans and activities designed especially for educators and students at 6-12 grade levels. Here you will find various resources such as:

  • Educator's Corner provides teaching resources such as ready-made lesson plans, related standards, and suggestions on how to use the online Dream Anatomy exhibition as a multi-disciplinary and experiential learning ground.
  • Online Activities are fun ways for high school and older students to explore the content of Dream Anatomy. They can engage in online activities and navigate parts of Dream Anatomy with a specific interpretive plan.
  • Other online exhibitions (// serves as a wonderful inroad to the treasured collections of the NLM. These online exhibitions explore diverse aspects of cultural and social history, science, medicine, and technology.