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Lanzhou Municipal Sanitation and Disease Prevention Station, October 1964.

A boy wearing a red-and-white striped shirt and blue shorts bends at the waist, his left hand on his hip, and his right arm stretched over his head. A soccer ball rests nearby. An inset image shows a girl sitting on the edge of her bed in the early morning, fastening her shoe, with a rooster perching on the window sill behind her.

Early to bed and early to rise allows for good spirit; exercise to ensure health.

A girl in a frilly white undershirt stands before a vessel on the ground, holding a red cup in one hand and brushing her teeth with the other. An inset images shows a girl sitting at a table eating rice while a boy washes his hands in a tub.

Brush your teeth every morning and evening; wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet.

A boy wearing shorts and a striped shirt stands over a small pot, spitting into it. In his right hand is a long-handled lid for the pot; in his left he clutches a rolled-up cloth. An inset image shows a boy walking toward an outhouse with a rolled-up cloth.

Don't urinate and defecate anywhere; don't spit anywhere.

A little girl with red ribbons in her hair stands sideways, with only a white towel draped over her body, next to a tub of water and a bar of soap. An inset image shows a girl leaning over a tub of water, rinsing her hair, and a boy sitting on a stool with his legs in a tub, scrubbing his feet.

Wash hair and have baths often; pay attention to personal hygiene.