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Family Planning icon. 5.	Two parents, a young adult, and a child stand close together, all smiling. A large red decoration is pinned to the jacket of the young adult. The child holds a spray of flowers and wears a red bandanna.  A throng of people in the background wave red flags.
Banner for Health for the People: Continuity and Change in Asian Medicine.
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Family Planning banner.

Beginning in the 1970s, China strongly promoted policies of limiting fertility, using the slogan "wan, xi, shao" – 晚 稀 少 – "later, longer, fewer." The campaign encouraged later marriage, longer intervals between children, and fewer children, using a variety of birth control means. Family planning was seen as central to building socialism and to liberating women. Coming on the heels of the Cultural Revolution, the campaign produced posters with emotionally charged images in vibrant colors – especially red.