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Family Planning icon. 5.	Two parents, a young adult, and a child stand close together, all smiling. A large red decoration is pinned to the jacket of the young adult. The child holds a spray of flowers and wears a red bandanna.  A throng of people in the background wave red flags.
Banner for Health for the People: Continuity and Change in Asian Medicine.
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Family Planning banner



A four-panel poster shows men, women, and children engaged in various social and familial activities:  working, eating, studying, reading. A woman peers through a microscope in one panel, and a man weighs chemicals with a pan balance. In another panel a child has a toy rifle slung across his shoulder.

Carry out family planning and transform social traditions.
Tianjin Fine Arts Publisher, n.d.

A poster with a plum-colored background features a smiling woman holding a booklet in one hand and a medicine or vitamin bottle in the other. Surrounding the woman are images of adults interacting with children, as well as youth dancing, playing, and exercising.

Carry out family planning for the revolution.
Shanghai People’s Fine Arts Publisher, March 1974.