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Decorative calligraphic page header featuring orange Arabic script for Islamic Culture and Medicine

Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts

Important Notes about Viewing the Online Exhibition

(Image Quality, Diacriticals)

  • Image Quality The images as displayed to the user may not accurately reflect the colors and subtle detail of the original works, due to the limited resolution of the devices on which the images will be displayed, as well as differences between the gamma values for different computer video monitors.
  • Diacritical Marks A proper representation of Arabic words in a European alphabet requires the use of a number of diacritical marks which were not supported by the World-Wide Web browsers that were in common use at the time this online exhibition was created. Such diacriticals do not appear in this document.
For example:
The name: Hunayn ibn Ishaq written using proper diacritical marks.
will appear as: Hunayn ibn Ishaq

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