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Funding to publish [the printed exhibit] brochure was provided by the Hahnemann University Library and by the Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis).

Other assistance in the preparation of the [printed exhibition] booklet and/or of the respective exhibits was provided as follows:

Hahnemann University Library:

Sandra L. Chaff (Consultant);
Judith Baker, Carol Fenichel, Randall Lowe

National Library of Medicine:

Allen G. Debus (consultant);
Graphics: Joseph Fitzgerald and Becky Cagle;
History of Medicine Division: Stephen Greenberg,
Margaret Kaiser, Lucy Keister, Jan Lazarus,
Martha-Lucia Sierra, Amanda Sprochi, David Vecchioli,
Monique Young, James Cassedy

Washington University:

Susan Alon (Rare Book Librarian);
Lilla Wechsler, Paul Anderson, Susan Crawford,
Gerhild Scholz-Williams;
The Robert E. Schlueter Collection-St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society;
The Horncrest Foundation,
Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures