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Anti-Smoking Campaings

Antismoking Campaign Posters montage featuring four posters. The left poster is Break the Habit featuring a cigarette on a blue background. The next poster is Don't be a Butthead featuring a photograph of a person with a smoke stack type head, the top of which is burning like a cigarette. The next poster is Smoke Free's The Go featuring an illustration of several people engaging in different sports and activities while at the beach. The last poster is Smoking Spoils Your Looks featuring Brooke Shields, wearing a white jumpsuit, standing against a gray background with cigarettes protrude from her ears.

“The proliferation of images through reproduction also means that they can be accompanied by different kinds of text, which can dramatically change the signification of the image. Text can ask us to look at an image differently. Words can direct our eyes to particular aspects of the image, indeed they can tell us what to see in a picture… It could be said that viewers/consumers of images often choose to read particular meanings into them for emotional and psychological reasons, and to ignore those aspects of an image that may work against this response.”

-- Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright, Practice of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture

“The art of visual conversation is aided by a format that encourages speakers seated face-to-face to perform their arguments at length. Such interactive communication calls upon the discernment of an audience that, although absent, is urged to participate as if it were present… Images are not only architectonic, they are iconoclastic in destroying specious certitudes and in revealing ignorance or the limitations of human comprehension.”

-- Barbara Maria Stafford, Good Looking: Essays on the Virtue of Images