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Health Information

Note: We cannot answer questions about individual medical cases, provide second opinions or make specific recommendations about therapy. Those issues should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

General Health Information for Patients and Their Families and Friends

Drugs & Supplements

  • DailyMed

    A directory of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug labels.

  • Dietary Supplements Labels Database

    A database with label information for thousands of brand-name dietary supplements.

  • Drug Information Portal

    A portal that provides quick access to high quality drug information.

  • Pillbox

    A resource that combines high-resolution images of tablets and capsules with appearance information to enable users to visually search for and identify an unknown solid dosage pharmaceutical.

Specific Populations


Environmental Health & Toxicology

  • Haz-Map

    Links jobs and hazardous tasks with occupational diseases and their symptoms.

  • Household Products Database

    Information on the health effects of common household products under your sink, in the garage, in the bathroom and on the laundry room shelf.


    Maps of hazardous chemicals with links to related health resources.

  • ToxMystery

    Interactive game for 7-11 years olds with lessons about household chemical hazards.

  • Tox Town

    An interactive guide about how the environment, chemicals and toxic substances affect human health.
    Tox Town en español


Clinical Trials

Biomedical Literature

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  • Related Products/Services

    • Guide to Healthy Web Surfing
      Know what to look for when evaluating the quality of health information on the Web.
    • Libraries
      Consumer health libraries providing services to local residents