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Welcome to Exhibitions Connect, a service for librarians hosting a U.S. National Library of Medicine traveling banner exhibition.

The goal of NLM Exhibitions Connect is to support the librarians who borrow banner exhibitions to more easily integrate NLM’s trustable health information resources into the experience of hosting an exhibition.

This goal aligns with the NLM Strategic Plan:

  1. To promote awareness of NLM health information resources, facilitating access, and ensuring the ability to use NLM health information resources among traveling banner exhibition audiences and host librarians
  2. To foster distinctiveness of NLM as a reliable, trustable source of health information and biomedical data especially among audiences who do not yet recognize the NLM brand nor know of its services

In addition, NLM Exhibitions Connect aims to reach audiences in diverse locations representing all eight Regional Medical Libraries’ regions, a variety of types of libraries, and different population areas.

  • What are potential NLM Exhibitions Connect project ideas or activities?

    In their responses to a Call for Requests to book an NLM exhibition, requesting institutions are asked to identify programming plans that integrate NLM’s trustable health information resources into the experience of hosting an exhibition. In addition, potential host venues are encouraged to reach out to their Regional Medical Libraries for support, advice, and partnership.

    Examples of programming ideas and activities include, but are not limited to:

    • “Train-the-trainer” activities that enhance the skills of library staff and other consumer health information intermediaries to train target populations to locate and evaluate NLM health information resources.
    • Develop partnership(s) among health sciences, hospital, and public libraries; community-based organizations; volunteer organizations; and other public venues to improve awareness of and develop skills to locate high-quality biomedical and health information available at NLM.
    • Organize a symposium or panel presentation at the host venue institution or partner institution that serves underrepresented or diverse populations on how to search NLM health information resources.
    • Incorporate NLM health information resources into new or existing health information programs within the host venue institution. See National Health Observances for some ideas.
    • Use technology to promote health information literacy and improve access to electronic health information, especially available on the NLM website, in underrepresented and/or diverse populations/communities.
    • Other creative outreach programs to improve access to NLM health information and promote health literacy.
  • How do I request an NLM banner exhibition through Exhibitions Connect?

    Exhibitions Connect uses a Call for Requests to invite responses from those interested in hosting a specific NLM banner exhibition. In their responses to a Call for Requests to book an NLM exhibition, requesting institutions are asked to identify programming plans that integrate NLM’s trustable health information resources into the experience of hosting an exhibition.

  • When and where can I get the Call for Requests for NLM exhibitions?

    The Exhibition Program announces all Calls for Requests on the Making Exhibition Connections listserv, which is free and open to anyone. The listserv is a place for NLM to communicate information about traveling exhibitions including availability, ideas for hosting, key dates, and much more! Listserv members are encouraged to engage in discussions about experiences hosting NLM banner exhibitions.

    The tentative schedule for upcoming Calls for Requests is available online along with a brief description of each exhibition.

  • What can I expect from an Exhibitions Connect Call for Requests?

    In a Call for Requests announcement, you will find:

    • a brief description about the banner exhibition available for requests,
    • a downloadable Call for Requests response form—see a sample response form,
    • the deadline and an email address for submitting Call for Requests responses, and
    • a link to a free-of-charge NLM/NNLM Moodle Course with a curated collection of health information resources, training opportunities, and promotional materials related to the exhibition.
  • How do I respond to a Call for Requests?

    The response form for each Call for Requests is included in its announcement on the Making Exhibition Connections listserv. Once you have downloaded and completed the form, submit it as an email attachment to NLMCallForRequestsSubmissions@mail.nlm.nih.gov.

    For your reference, view a sample response form online, which includes four sections outlined below:

    1. Administrative Information: This information includes name of the requesting institution; primary contact name, email, phone number, and mailing address; secondary contact name, email, and phone number.
    2. Direct Beneficiaries and Populations Served: This information identifies direct beneficiaries of the planned project(s). The form provides a pre-populated list with check boxes.
    3. Project Description: This section describes the following:
      1. Project Significance: Describe how the proposed project(s) will integrate NLM’s trustable health information resources into the experience of hosting an exhibition.
      2. Target Populations and Needs: Describe the target population and their needs to be addressed by the project.
      3. Project Objectives: Describe how the project will address the needs of the target population, and list anticipated outcomes.
      4. Project and Promotion Plan: Describe the activities that will be offered to meet the project objectives. Please identify NLM resources integrated into each project activity. See potential Exhibitions Connect project ideas or activities.
      5. Institutional Support: Describe the support that will be provided by the host institution or other internal or external partner.
      6. Comments: Include any comments or information that are relevant to the project, but not included in the categories above.
    4. Booking Date Preferences: On the list of all available booking periods, requesting institution notes its first, second, and third preferred periods in the exhibition’s travel itinerary.

    Once a submission is received, an automatic response will be generated from the NLMCallForRequestsSubmissions@mail.nlm.nih.gov email address. All other communications regarding submissions will be done via nlmtravelingexhibits@mail.nlm.nih.gov, jane.markowitz@nih.gov, and jill.newmark@nih.gov.

  • How are the request responses reviewed and selected for hosting an NLM banner exhibition?

    Three reviewers, including at least one Exhibition Program staff and two other NLM staff will review and score the submitted response forms based on five criteria below:

    1. Significance20 points
    2. Evidence of Need/Target Population15 points
    3. Objectives30 points
    4. Project and Promotion Plan30 points
    5. Institutional Support15 points

    Each criterion above has three or more elements that will be scored individually following the point scale below:

    • 5 = Information enhances Exhibitions Connect goal.
    • 4 = Information strongly supports Exhibitions Connect goal.
    • 3 = Information supports Exhibitions Connect goal.
    • 2 = Information marginally supports Exhibitions Connect goal.
    • 1 = Information does not support Exhibitions Connect goal.

    Overall Impact Score will indicate reviewers’ recommendations based on the total score from evaluation of the five criteria.

    • The proposed project advances both Exhibitions Connect goal: 96-110 points
    • The proposed project has potential to advance Exhibitions Connect goal: 81-95 points
    • The proposed project has limited potential to advance Exhibitions Connect goal: 66-80 points
    • The proposed project does not respond to Exhibitions Connect goal: 65 or less points
  • Are there any requirements for hosting an NLM banner exhibition?

    Each institution is responsible for the cost of one-way shipping of the exhibition to the next booking site (estimated at $300-$700 via FedEx three-day Express Saver). In addition, the host contact will complete and send the Exhibitions Connect Host Venue Report to nlmtravelingexhibits@mail.nlm.nih.gov within 2 weeks after the booking period ends.

  • Questions?

    For any questions related to the Exhibitions Connect traveling exhibition service, please email your enquiry to nlmtravelingexhibits@mail.nlm.nih.gov.

Last Reviewed: July 5, 2019