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Everyday Miracles: Medical Imagery in Ex-Votos

Painting of two doctors attending to a patientEveryday  Miracles: Medical Imagery in Ex-Votos

Ex-votos, devotional paintings giving thanks to a saint or deity, are a reflection of a tradition where faith and healing play a vital role in daily life. Everyday Miracles: Medical Imagery in Ex-Votos explores this tradition that began in Italy during the 1400s, spread to the New World a century later, and is still active today. The faithful commission local artists to paint ex-votos when they perceive their prayers for a miracle are answered. Although fewer ex-votos are painted today than in the past, individuals still hire artists to create these expressions of faith and healing.

Beginning in September 2009, Everyday Miracles became available as a traveling exhibition free of charge to interested libraries and cultural centers. Please go to Book a Traveling Exhibition for more information.

In 2009, the Talking Hands Website Award was presented to the online exhibition, which is available in English, Spanish, and Italian.