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Directory of History of Medicine Collections

Question: How do I refine my collection searches?


After conducting a search, the results list will display the following refine by categories to the left of the screen:

  • Organization Type
  • State/Province
  • Country
  • Collection Subject Strengths
  • Organization Name

Beneath each category will be a list of results for that field. Each field result will be followed by a number in parentheses. This number represents the number of times the term or phrase is found within your initial results list.

Up to ten results will be listed under each refine by category. If there are more than ten results for a category, there will be a More link at the bottom of the category.

Refine your results list by clicking on any of the refine by links listed underneath each category.

Example:refine by Collection Subject Strengths - History of Nursing (7)“ will retrieve all the collections that have History of Nursing as a collection subject strength.

Beneath History of Nursing is a link entitled ”Show other matches“. Next to the link, in parentheses, is the number of collections within the Directory that has History of Nursing as a subject strength. Click on this link to view these collections.

To refine your initial results list by multiple categories:

  • Click on a term listed under each category, one at a time.
  • The order in which you click on your multiple terms will not change the results.
  • Refining searches performs an ”AND“ between each of your search parameters.

Example: To search for collections on nursing located in California also with subject strength in Pharmacology, enter into the search box the word: nursing

  • The search will result in a list of collections that have the word nursing somewhere within their records. To refine this list to those collections located in California, click on the word California listed under 'refine by' State/Province.
  • The refined search will result in a list of collections that have the word nursing somewhere within their records and are located in California.
  • Next, refine your results to those collections with the word nursing located in California that has subject strength in Pharmacology, by clicking on History of Pharmacology and Pharmacy listed under 'refine by' Collection Subject Strengths.

At the top of your results list is a box listing the refinements you made to your initial search. To remove any of these refinements, click on the ”x“ next to each search parameter you want removed.

You can also remove refinements by clicking on the ”x“ next to your search parameters listed on the left hand side of the screen.

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