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History of Medicine Collections Photo Policy

Question: What is the History of Medicine Reading Room Photo Policy?


Reading Room Policy for the Use of Personal Photographic Equipment

The use of personal digital photographic equipment will be permitted in the History of Medicine Division Reading Room under the following conditions:

  1. Patrons must request permission and show the equipment they intend to use to Reference Desk Staff before photos may be taken.
  2. Pictures may be taken using available light ONLY. The use of flash equipment or portable lighting units is NOT permitted. Tripods and other camera support devices may be used as long as they do not inconvenience other patrons and staff.
  3. HMD Reference staff will determine on a case-by-case basis if material can be safely photographed without the risk of physical damage to the materials. Weights and supports may be obtained at the HMD Reference Desk and used as needed.
  4. At no time can the photographic equipment come into direct contact with library materials. The use of hand-held or portable flatbed scanners is NOT permitted.
  5. If HMD staff determine that photography is disruptive or harmful to the collection materials, the patron will be asked to stop.
  6. Permission to digitally photograph library material does NOT imply permission to publish or further reproduce the images. Responsibility for determination of copyright lies with the patron. For more information about copyright and the collections, please see HMD’s Patron Guide to Copyright and Historical Materials at

Patrons will be asked to sign a copy of these regulations on-site to demonstrate their acceptance of the policies before pictures can be taken.

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