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History of Medicine Collections Readers Policy

Question: What is the policy for readers to examine the History of Medicine Collection material?


The use of books, manuscripts, and other materials in the History of Medicine Division Reading Room is granted to registered readers under the following conditions:

  1. Readers must sign the register daily and fill out a new registration form each calendar year.
  2. Readers must leave coats, briefcases, bags, etc. in the HMD coat room, located at the entrance to the Reading Room.
  3. Readers are expected to exercise the greatest possible care in handling all collection materials, noting in particular that:
    • Only pencils may be used for note-taking. Pens, markers, etc. are NOT permitted.
    • No marks are to be added to or erased from books or manuscripts; tracings may not be made without prior permission.
    • No books, papers, or other objects (except weights provided at the HMD Reference Desk) are to be placed on collection materials.
    • The order and arrangement of individual items in manuscript collections should not be altered.
  4. Readers may NOT remove collection materials from the HMD Reading Room and are required to return all materials to the HMD Reference Desk before leaving the Reading Room for the day or for an extended period. They may reserve materials to be used again in the immediate future.
  5. Readers may take books from the HMD Reading Room Reference Collection to their desks in the Reading Room for temporary use. These items may be reserved for extended use at the Reference Desk, but they may NOT be removed from the Reading Room without permission of HMD Reference staff.

Readers are also reminded that:

  • There is no self-service copying of HMD collection materials. Limited photocopying may be done by HMD staff, at the discretion of the librarian, if photocopying will neither endanger the physical safety of the material nor violate copyright restrictions.
  • The use of laptop computers, tablets, digital cameras, and smartphones for capturing digital images is encouraged, but the use of flatbed scanners is NOT permitted.
  • Food and beverages are NOT permitted in the HMD Reading Room.
  • Phone calls are not permitted in the HMD Reading Room. Please leave the Reading Room to talk on the phone.
  • Additional restrictions may apply to the use of specific manuscript or oral history collections. For further information, inquire at the Reference Desk.

Patrons will be asked to sign a copy of these regulations on-site to demonstrate their acceptance of the policies before use of HMD Reading Room Collection Material is granted to registered readers.

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