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Hygiene Education for Children

The top half of the poster shows kids cleaning off graffiti from a building and the bottom half shows the children picking up trash and putting it in the trash can
I do not draw on public walls and do not litter with fruit peels and paper, ca. 1950.
The mom inspects her children's hands on the top half and the children wash their hands and clip their fingernails on the lower half
Wash your hands before meals and after toliet, ca. 1935.
The poster shows a picture of a woman sleeping correctly by covering herself up, except for her head, during winter, and covering the belly for summer
Properly cover yourself with bedding during sleep, ca. 1935.
The little girl and the little boy clean the windows, floor, table, and chairs of the home
Keep the room clean--to sprinkle and sweep, ca. 1935.

With his dog the boy opens the door on the top panel and the boy opens the windows on the lower panel
Let air circulate--to open windows and doors in the morning, ca. 1935.
The little boy washes his face and brushes his teeth; before dinner he washes his hands; and after dinner he rinses his mouth
I wash face, brush teeth, wash hands before meals, and rinse mouth after meals, ca. 1950.
The top part shows diagrams of teeth and lips, while the lower part shows a picture of a little girl brushing her teeth with her own toothbrush in front of a boy
Brush your teeth with your own toothbrush, ca. 1935.
The top picture shows the boy sleeping with a blanket covering all but his head, while the bottom part has the bow sleeping during a sunny, hot day with the blanket on his belly
I let my head uncovered during sleep and I cover my belly in hot weather, ca. 1935.

Children are playing ball and jump rope on the top part of the poster, while the bottom part shows children dancing
I often play outside in fresh air, ca. 1950.
The boy coughs into a handkerchief and spits into a pot on the ground
I cover my mouth when I cough, and I spit into spitoon, ca. 1950.