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Chinese Public Health Posters
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The National Library of Medicine has recently acquired a large collection of Chinese Public Health materials, about seven thousand items produced from early 20th century to the year of SARS. The collection has a wide range of media presentations: posters, health newsletters, health newspapers, paintings, pharmaceutical advertisements, calendars, children's chess games, jigsaw puzzles on health topics, playing cards on SARS, lantern slides, negatives, photographs, and health award certificates, as well as books and journals. These materials present rich visual representations of public health concerns which were closely tied to the political, social, economic, and even military engagements of China during different time periods. Scholars and the general public will find the collection a unique source of information on Chinese public health education and propaganda movements. This website is a brief introduction to the collection, which is in the process of being catalogued.

This online exhibition was created from Dr. Liping Bu's presentation, titled "Public Health and Chinese Society from 1930s to SARS," at Seminar in the History of Medicine, National Library of Medicine, August 15, 2006. Dr. Bu is professor of history at Alma College and is working on a book about Public Health and Modernization of China. For more information, she can be contacted at

This Web site was developed by Duyan Dang and Young Rhee of History of Medicine Division, National Library of Medicine.