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Pharmaceutical Advertisements

A woman with a blue dress holding an aspirin tablet in her hand
Pharmaceutical advertisement of aspirin-tablets, ca. 1935.
A woman suffers from a headache in a small image, there is another larger image of her smiling with aspirin tablets, and there is a picture of verman brand pill box with a small boy holding a tablet
Pharmaceutical advertisement of veramon, ca. 1940.
Top images of people getting rid of the four pests; rats, sparrows, flies, and mosquitoes
Health poster and pharmaceutical advertisement: to get rid of the four pests, 1956.
The top image shows people performing a dragon dance parade and the lower picture shows pharmaceutical products of ointments and medicine
Health poster and pharmaceutical advertsement: to build a strong socialist country fast, ca. 1958.

There are images of a family washing their hands, eating, brushign their teeth, dressing up, and walking around with images of pharmaceutical products below
Health poster and pharmaceutical advertisement: wash your hands before eating, 1956.