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Understanding Human Body

The top displays anatomical view of the human body compared to that of a factory and the bottom shows an overview of body parts
Human body is like a factory, 1933.
The top part displays the eye compared to a camera and the bottom part displays the ear compared to a telephone
The ear is like a telephone and the eye is like a camera, 1933.
The top part of the poster displays parts of the nasal cavity, while the lower part displays parts of the tongue
Nose and tongue, 1933.
This poster shows parts of the skin, kidney, as well as fingers and fingernails
Skin, urinary system, and kidney, 1933.

The poster displays parts of the respiratory system like the lungs, epiglottis, bronchioles, and trachea
Lungs and breathing exercises, 1933.
The top part of the poster shows the circulatory system of the human body as well as the heart, while the lower part compares infection to invaders entering a village
Heart, circulatory system, and veins, 1933.
The poster shows the various parts of the brain and what each does, the nerves of the body, a diagram of a neuron, and spinal nerves
Brain, nerve system, and spine, 1933.
The poster displays the various muscles of the body, and the bottom part shows the different muscle types and how flexing works
Muscle system, 1951.

The poster displays the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system like the diaphragm and bronchioles
Respiratory system, 1951.
The poster shows pictures of organs, like the kidneys and skin, in a person's abdomen and cartoons of people bathing
Excretory system, 1951.
The poster shows the nerves of the body and parts of the brain on top, while the bottom portion shows spinal nerves and the brainstem
Nervous system, 1951.
The top part shows various types of pathogens and the bottom parts show the kinds of food we eat and what pathogens they may contain
Parasitic pathogens, 1951.