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X-ray of Masha and Dasha showing them joined together with legs on the top and bottom and heads opposite on the left and right.Research on Conjoined Twins
ca. 1957 / 44:46
Directed by Petr Anokhin & Tatiana Alekseeva
Sound, black-and-white.


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Selected filmography: Ivan Pavlov and his research

The Mechanics of the Brain (1926), a documentary, available (with English subtitles) at; with Russian subtitles at numerous sites.

Academician Ivan Pavlov (1936), a documentary, available (with Russian subtitles) at|v1&order=m1

Academician Ivan Pavlov (1949), a full-length feature film, available (only in Russian) at and many other sites

Ivan Pavlov. The Search for Truth (1984), a feature mini-series in 5 episodes, (260 mins in toto), available (only in Russian) at and many other sites.

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