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Another to Conquer

An older Native American man with a bandanna is seen in profile. Film frame reading A dozen years swept on. Zonchee, the mother, died too. But grandfather Slow-Talker held the little family together, the lovely Nema and Don his ardent admirers. A hand holding a pencil sketches an outline of the lungs and the beginnings of a spot indicating TB

Cloud in the Sky

A priest and a woman wearing a long, dark veil stand in a church, speaking to one another. Two children work outside their home in the garden, with their father standing nearby. A visiting nurse speaks to them. A dark-haired woman lies in a hospital bed.

Let My People Live

An African-American doctor sits at his desk, explaining tuberculosis symptoms and treatment to a patient sitting next to him. An African-American doctor examines a patient standing shirtless in the doctor’s office, listening to his lungs. An African-American woman’s face is shown in close-up, her mouth open to speak.

They Do Come Back

A woman wearing a headset works at a switchboard in a factory. Young man holding a piece of gauze over his mouth as he coughs up blood. Several men stand outside a factory door, smoking, as a woman walks toward them.

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Images from NLM's Prints and Photographs Collections

A poster shows a candle burning at both ends, with busy people dancing and working. Multicolor poster with black lettering. Title at top is Cover Coughs and Sneezes. A girl holds a tissue over her nose. Nearby is an open school bag with a packet of tissues. A ¾ portrait of scientist Robert Koch Postcard featuring a color illustration of a crowd of people, a nurse and doctor in front, trying to extinguish a fire with buckets of water in pitch-black darkness. “Tuberculosis” is stamped in black on the flames, and underneath the image a caption reads Now Then Everybody. A poster shows a black doctor with his hand on the shoulder of a black male patient.

Images From NLM's Serials Collection

Diseases of the Chest

A list of teaching topics a page from a journal article.
Koch's Great Medical Discovery

Cover for a journal article trumpeting Dr. Koch’s discovery of the tubercle bacillus. Dr. Robert Koch and his Wonderful Discovery for the Cure of Tubercular Consumption. Detailing the Great Microscopist’s Researches Relating to the Dire Scourge of the Human Race. Portrait of Dr. Robert Koch, n.d.

About the Director, Edgar Ulmer

A head shot of director Edgar Ulmer in the 1940s
Edgar Ulmer, Copyright Producers Releasing, 1945
Edgar G. Ulmer: The Man Off-Screen — A documentary by Mischief Films and the Edgar G. Ulmer Preservation Corp.

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