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TB Sanitorium and Preventorium
ca. 1926 / 48:25
Harry A. Wilmer and Lois Parker
Silent, black-and-white.

Children hold mirrors up to their mouths, reflecting sunlight into their throats.Sunshine kills the TB germ.

TB nurses in white uniforms with nursing caps smile for the cameraNurses at South Mountain.

Doctors and nurses inspect the children in a dormitoryLet’s see your hands, children

Christmas Seal stamp featuring Santa Claus holding up a letter and pointing at the seal with a red-gloved hand. The stamp sealing the envelope is dated 1924.Christmas Seal, 1924
NLM Unique ID: 101449533.

Children hold mirrors up to their mouths, reflecting sunlight into their throats.Christmas Seal, 1929
NLM Unique ID: 101452775.

Blue cardstock cover of April 1940 issue of Spunk. Text reads: Spunk. Published by the patients of the Pennsylvania State Tuberculosis Sanatoria. Thirty-first Anniversary. Mont Alto-Hamburg April 1940.Title page, April 1940 issue, Spunk 30, no. 1,
NLM Unique ID: 9812232

The front cover of the first volume of Spunk. Text reads: Vol. 1. April 1909 No. 1 Copy 5¢ Year 50¢ Spunk. A pleasant tonic redolent of fresh air and fragrant pines, prescribed for those who down, but refuse to be counted out.First title page of Spunk reproduced in April 1940, Spunk, 32. no. 1 [ca. April 1940]
NLM Unique ID: 9812232

Image of a woman with her eyes closed, holding a toddler-age child tight in her arms and pressing her cheek to his. Text reads: Protect the Youngsters. Unaware that they themselves may have tuberculosis, relatives in many cases spread the disease to youngsters in the family. The tuberculin test is widely used as an aid in detecting tuberculosis. –21--“Protect the Youngsters,” Spunk 32, no. 10 (1941): 21 [ca. January 1941],
NLM Unique ID: 9812232

A photograph of the nurses’ home at South Mountain, a four-story Dutch Colonial style with multiple dormers and a fire escape on the side. Text reads: Nurses Home, Children’s Hospital, Mont Alto  --41--“Nurses Home,” Spunk 30, no. 7 [ca. October 1938],
NLM Unique ID: 9812232

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