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Reconnaissance for Yellow Fever in the Nuba Mountains, Southern Sudan, 1954 View in NLM Digital Collections
2006 / 25:47
Telford H. Work / Martine Jozan Work
Silent, color.

In the early 1950s Dr. Telford H. Work and Dr. Richard Moreland Taylor traveled to the Sudan to study an outbreak of yellow fever. Flying to Khartoum, they took their equipment by train to El Obeid, and by jeep to the Nuba Mountains (spanning the southern part of the present-day post-partition Sudan and the northern part of South Sudan). Accompanied by Dr. Mansour Ali Haseeb, they wound their way through the region, collecting blood samples from people and primates, and ended at Wau, from which the samples were airlifted back to Khartoum. The film was originally silent. Produced in its current form by Dr. Martine Jozan Work, it lies at the juncture of home movie, expeditionary report and documentary…

An epidemiological expedition into the interior of Africa
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