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Programs and Services Name Email Phone
Administrative Services Ba Ba Chang, Division Secretary (301) 496-5405
Reference Services Anne Rothfeld, Crystal Smith NLM Customer Support (301) 402-8878
Interlibrary Loan Services Stephen Greenberg, Coordinator (301) 827-4577
Chief Jeffrey S. Reznick | View Bio (301) 827-4596
Deputy Chief Kenneth M. Koyle | View Bio (301) 827-4599
Exhibition Program Section Patricia Tuohy, Head (301) 827-4595
Images & Archives Section Rebecca Warlow, Head (301) 827-4593
Rare Books & Early Manuscripts Section Stephen Greenberg, Head (301) 827-4577
Acquisitions Program Margaret Kaiser, Acquisitions Librarian (301) 827-4574
Archives & Modern Manuscripts Program John Rees, Archivist and Digital Resources Manager (301) 827-4510
Conservation Program Holly Herro, Senior Conservator (301) 827-4476
Digital Manuscripts Program Christie Moffatt, Manager (301) 827-4506
Historical Audiovisuals Program Sarah Eilers, Manager (301) 827-4503
Prints & Photographs Program Ginny Roth, Manager (301) 827-4480
Web Program Elizabeth Mullen, Manager (301) 827-3761

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Name Position
Anderson, Jason Pathways Intern, Historical Audiovisuals Program
Atkins, Doug Prints & Photographs Technician
Bowen-Murphy, Ashley* Exhibition Researcher
Chang, Ba Ba Division Secretary
Detweiler, Victoria (Tory) Archives & Modern Manuscripts Technician
Dong, Ming Collection Access Specialist
Eilers, Sarah Images & Archives Manager
Franz, Lindsay Systems Librarian
Grant-Suttie, Atalanta Preservation Librarian
Greenberg, Stephen Head, Rare Books & Early Manuscripts
Harris, Joshua* Film Conservator
Hartman, Laura Rare Book Cataloger
Herro, Holly Senior Conservator
Holt, Jayne* Photograph Conservator
Kaiser, Margaret Acquisitions Librarian
Kim, Jiwon Exhibition Educator
Koyle, Kenneth M. | View Bio Deputy Chief
Labosier, James Archives & Modern Manuscripts Associate Curator
Markowitz, Jane* Exhibition Traveling Services Coordinator
Mashni, Erin* Web Archivist
Milikhiker, Anatoliy* Historical Audiovisuals Technician
Mills, Erika Exhibition Community Outreach Coordinator
Moffatt, Christie Digital Manuscripts Program Manager
Mullen, Elizabeth Web Program Manager
Newmark, Jill L. Exhibition Registrar
Nguyen, Thanhxuan (Thanh)* Prints & Photographs Technician
O'Hern, Megan* Archives & Modern Manuscripts Processing Archivist
Orphanides, Nicole* Asset and Research Coordinator
Patten, Greta* Library Technician
Phan, Matthew* Technician
Porter, Abigail* Exhibition Development Coordinator
Rees, John Images & Archives Archivist/Digital Resources Manager
Reznick, Jeffery | View Bio Chief
Roth, Ginny Prints & Photographs Curator
Rothfeld, Anne Reference Librarian
Smith, Crystal Reference Librarian
Speaker, Susan Digital Manuscripts Historian
Stracka, Krista Rare Book Cataloger
Tarn, Sheng* Conservation Technician
Toole, Linda* Cataloger
Tran, Thu Pathways Intern
Tuohy, Patricia Head, Exhibition Program
Warlow, Rebecca Head, Images & Archives
Williams, Déshaun Archives & Modern Manuscripts Technician
Wright, Kristi* Book Conservator

*Contractors with 1+ year agreements


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History of Medicine Division


National Library of Medicine
Building 38, Room 1E-21
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20894


(301) 402-8878


(301) 402-0872