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Information for Curators and Registrars

A journal resting in a custom acrylic book mount.The National Library of Medicine loans items from its history of medicine collections for display in public exhibitions to qualifying institutions on a case by case basis. If you represent an organization that is interested in arranging a loan, please email: NLM Customer Support.

Exhibition Requirements

Borrowing institutions are required to meet museum exhibition best practices and standards to protect collections from unnecessary damage during transportation and exhibition. All items will be reviewed by an NLM conservator prior to loan. Requirements will include specifications for the exhibition environment, monitoring, security, display, and transportation. Please email NLM Customer Support for details.

Recent Loans

Three women examine a large book.

NLM and Sackler conservation staff review an 18th century book on loan.

Since 2012, loans have been arranged to:

About the Library

The National Library of Medicine is a part of the National Institutes of Health, one of America’s national libraries, the world’s largest biomedical library, and home to a world-renowned collection of historical material related to human health and disease: from archives to monographs, films to ephemera. The Library celebrates its historical collections through its award-winning Exhibition Program, which develops and presents exhibitions and multidisciplinary educational tools that make the National Library of Medicine’s historical collections available to audiences around the world.