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A black and white general view of the Armory Square Civil War Hospital complex with the Capitol in the distance.  Complex is comprised of 12 pavilions and overflow tents, spread across the National Mall and including quarters for officers, service facilities, and a chapel.

Armory Square Hospital on the Mall, ca. 1864


Site of Armory Square Hospital
Independence Avenue and 7th Street, SW
Washington, DC

One of the largest Civil War hospitals in the area was located on the National Mall, where Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum stands today. Constructed in 1862, the medical facility was named after the Armory of the District of Columbia (building on the right), erected in 1856. This 1,000-bed hospital complex, with twelve pavilions and overflow tents, spread accross the Mall and included quarters for officers, service facilities, and a chapel. The wounded from the battlefields of Virginia were brought to the nearby wharves in southwest Washington and taken to the Armory Square Hospital. After the war, the Armory Building was used as storage facility, and later housed the offices of the United States Fish Commission (after 1903, Bureau of Fisheries). It was demolished in January 1964.

See: #6 on Downtown Map.

Nearest Metro Station: 'L'Enfant Plaza' on Blue, Orange, and Green Lines.

Non-existing facility.

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