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A color depiction two Civil War soldiers in blue dress uniforms caring for a wounded man in a rocky area of the woods.

Caring for the Wounded
Courtesy National Museum of Civil War Medicine


National Museum of Civil War Medicine
48 East Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21705

Within an hour's drive from Washington, DC, the National Museum of Civil War Medicine is located in the heart of historic downtown Frederick, Maryland. With nearly 7,000 square feet of exhibit space on two floors, the Museum illustrates the medical story of the American Civil War. It is a story of care and healing, courage and devotion amidst the death and destruction of war. It is also a story of major advances that changed medicine forever. In addition to the exhibits, the Museum has a museum store, a research library, and a large meeting and conference room.

The Museum features five immersion exhibits that bring the visitor into the setting and vividly illustrate different aspects of Civil War medicine by minimizing the physical barriers that usually separate the visitor from the exhibit. In addition to the immersion scenes, the Museum also has exhibits on medical education, recruiting, nursing, embalming, dentistry, pharmaceuticals and herbal remedies, and the Civil War hospitals in Frederick, Maryland.

A complementary site to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine's main location, the Pry House Field Hospital Museum focuses on field medicine as it was practiced in the Battle of Antietam. Located at the Antietam Battlefield, the Philip Pry House Museum opened in April 2005. It includes a re-creation of an operating theater, interpretive panels and objects relating to the care of wounded and the effects of the War on civilian population in the area.

For additional information, visit the Web site of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

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Not accessible by Washington Metrorail.

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