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A color image of the Hahnemann Memorial at Scott Circle placed on a large pedestal surrounded by a large archway with two Greek ionic columns.

The Hahnemann Memorial at Scott Circle


Samuel Hahnemann Memorial
Massachusetts Avenue and 16th Street, NW
(Scott Circle)
Washington, DC

The impressive memorial that stands to the east of the Scott Circle, near the cross section of Massachusetts and Rhode Island Avenues, honors Samuel C. F. Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician and the founder of homeopathic school of medicine. Authorized by Congress in January 1900 and unveiled the following June, the monument was the gift of the American Institute of Homeopathy. The bronze statue of Hahnemann is seated on a pedestal centered in front of a curving wall. The pedestal bears the well-known principle of homeopathy, expressed in the Latin phrase, similia similibus curantur ("like cures the like"). Four large bronze bas-relief panels on the wall depict Hahnemann as a student surrounded by books, a chemist in the laboratory, a teacher in the lecture room, and a physician at the bedside.

See: #21 on Downtown Map.

Nearest Metro Station: 'Farragut North' on Red Line.

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