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Banner for Historic Medical Sites in the Washington, DC Area, Celebrating the Bicentennial of the Nation's Capital featuring an orange background with cream letters.

Area Map

Map of the Washington, DC area with red numbered circles detailing the historic medical sites.
2. Site of Lincoln General Hospital
3. District of Columbia General Hospital
4. Site of Saint Elizabeths Hospital
5. Old Navy Hospital Building
16. Arlington National Cemetery
17. Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum
18. Georgetown University Medical Center
22. Site of National Veterinary College
23. Howard University Hospital
24. Walter Reed Army Medical Center
25. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
26. National Museum of Health and Medicine
27. National Library of Medicine
28. Stetten Museum of Medical Research
29. Clara Barton National Historic Site

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(Site #30 falls outside of the Area Map.)

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