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A black and white image of the old Naval Hospital  building  -  a two-story building with wide wooden steps up to  the entrance and nearby trees with a horse and buggy parked out front on the street.

Old Naval Hospital on Capitol Hill
Courtesy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Department of the Navy


Old Naval Hospital Building
921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Washington, DC

This large brick building on Capitol Hill served as the Naval Hospital from 1866 to 1906. It sits on a triangular lot, between 9th and 10th Streets, defined by Pennsylvania Avenue on the north. The building faces south, with an entrance on E Street, and is within the vicinity of the current Marine Barracks and the Navy Yard. Prior to the construction of this building, the Navy had used as hospital a rented building near the Navy Yard (1811-1843); a facility within the confines of the Marine Barracks until the Civil War; and a portion of the Government Hospital for the Insane (St. Elizabeths Hospital) during the War. Designed to accommodate 50 patients, the new hospital had good ventilation and running water supplied by the city, and was furnished with gas for lighting. After serving the naval personnel for four decades, the hospital moved to its newly constructed facility at Observatory Hill, 23rd and E Streets, NW, (now headquarters of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery). In 1922, the building became the Temporary Home for Veterans of All Wars. The property is still owned by the federal government but its jurisdiction was transferred to the District of Columbia in 1962. Currently, the building is vacant and in need of serious restoration. Thanks to the efforts of the Friends of the Old Naval Hospital and other concerned residents, the DC government's Office of Property Management is moving ahead with plans to restore the building. If approved by the city, the 140-year old structure may become the Hill Center, a facility for education and community life on Capitol Hill.

See: #5 on Area Map.

Nearest Metro Station: 'Eastern Market' on Blue and Orange Lines.

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