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A black and white front view of the U.S. College of Veterinary Surgeons - a multi-story brick building at the foot of Capitol Hill.

United States College of Veterinary Surgeons, ca. 1893


Site of United States College of Veterinary Surgeons
222 C Street, NW
Washington, DC

Founded in 1894 by C. Barnwell Robinson, the United States College of Veterinary Surgeons was located at 222 C Street NW, at the foot of Capitol Hill. (The 200 block of C Street was obliterated by the construction of Interstate 395, and is now covered by United States Labor Department's Frances Perkins Building.) Robinson, a native of Ontario, was an 1882 graduate of the Montreal Veterinary College, where he was taught by Duncan McEachran and William Osler. He was President and Dean from the College's inception until 1924. His son, C. Jabel Robinson, ran the college until its demise in 1927. The College's first graduates appeared in 1895 and by the time it closed it had produced 419 veterinarians. Its better known instructors included John R. Mohler and Rush Shippen Huidekoper. Never affiliated with a university, it is now known chiefly as being the last such veterinary college in the United States or Canada.

See: #9 on Downtown Map.

Non-existing building.

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