Books with paper text blocks with soluble inks and colorants

Air Drying Procedures:

  • Insert freezer paper between the covers and the text blocks of each book to prevent the covers from staining the pages.
  • After separating pages, place freezer paper between pages with bleeding ink or colorants. Do not use absorbent interleaving. Do not over-stress the bindings with excess freezer paper or insert freezer paper deep into the gutter.
  • If a book requires large amounts of interleaving, then it must be fully dried in a fanned position with covers supported by blocks.
  • Small books with rigid covers can be stood upright and fanned open. Invert books every 8-12 hours to prevent damage to the covers or sewing and to promote even drying.
  • Oversize books or items with weak covers should be placed flat and opened as far as possible without breaking the spine.
  • Support covers with blocks at a partial opening if the item cannot lay flat.