Items on Exhibit

Recovery Priority during the first 24-48 hours:

Wear thin plastic gloves. Wet items are easily torn, so handle them carefully by the edges and support from underneath. Do not unfold, unroll, or separate thin items if they are resistant or tearing. Do not handle non-library owned materials without approval of the library exhibit registrar.

  1. Determine the number of items affected.
  2. Cover cases to protect from water.
  3. Secure and restrict access to affected area.
  4. Contact Exhibit Registrar.
  5. Dry the materials upon receiving permission. The preferred order for drying is:
    1. Air dry
    2. Freeze, thaw and air dry
    3. Commercial freeze-drying by sublimation or vacuum, as done under a contract. (Note: Thermal vacuum drying is not recommended.)