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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site



State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Katherine Seibert, M.D.

Katherine Seibert, M.D.

"Energetic, caring and compassionate"

"When I was doing my doctorate in microbiology, I got extremely interested in immunology, especially of leukemia and lymphoma. But after two years of pure research, I missed working with people, so I went to medical school. I wanted to help people with cancer."

New York
Maurice Hinchey
Photo of Patricia Ann Devine, M.D.

Patricia Ann Devine, M.D.

"Leader in Treatment of High Risk Pregnancy"

"I love the opportunity to help people. A lot of people helped me to become a physician, now I have a chance to give back and have a positive impact on others."

New York
Nita M. Lowey
Photo of Nancy Mills, M.D.

Nancy Mills, M.D.

"Compassionate healer and advocate for women's health"

"I chose to become a physician because I had always felt it was a way I could connect with people and assist them with their health care issues."

New York
Nita M. Lowey
Photo of Donna O'Hare, M.D.

Donna O'Hare, M.D.

"Basic health should be a right for everyone!"

"I was influenced from an early age to become a doctor. My mother and I lived with my grandparents and my grandmother was wheelchair-bound; we never knew the cause. And when I was eleven, my grandfather died at home, of cancer. Then during high school, I volunteered for the March of Dimes, working with kids with polio. Later in college, I was a swimming director for the New York Times Fresh Air Fund and worked with the first mixed group of handicapped and "normal" children. That's when I was convinced I wanted to be a doctor!"

New York
Carolyn B. Maloney
Photo of Bilha Fish, M.D.

Bilha Fish, M.D.

"Total commitment and a passion for doctoring"

"What counts is being good at what you do."

New York
Carolyn McCarthy
Photo of Joyce McChesney, M.D.

Joyce McChesney, M.D.

"A service-oriented life and love of community"

"When I was four, my older sister died of complications from measles and that had a profound impact on me. Also, my uncle was a doctor whom my father had helped put through medical school and we had great respect and admiration for him. Then I entered the University of Rochester wanting to take pre-medicine courses, only to be told nursing was the only route open. I told my parents and my father said, 'If you want to be a doctor, don't let anyone stop you!'"

New York
Thomas M. Reynolds
Photo of Nancy J. Stubbe, M.D.

Nancy J. Stubbe, M.D.

"Pioneering female surgeon, teacher and mentor"

"My father wanted to be a doctor but couldn't. Then he wanted one of his brothers to be one, and then the same for my brother, but they didn't. Finally he got his wish with me! I wanted to be a doctor ever since the fourth grade."

New York
Thomas M. Reynolds
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