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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site



State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Doris Merrritt, M.D.

Doris Merrritt, M.D.

"Excelled in Multiple Roles over Long Medical Career"

"I was the right person in the right place at the right time. I've lived in an era that paralleled the growth of the NIH and the country's support for health research."

Richard G. Lugar
Photo of Joanne Wojcieszek, M.D.

Joanne Wojcieszek, M.D.

"Leading educator in neurology and movement disorders"

"I watched NOVA, on PBS, and a show on Huntington's disease really fascinated me. I guess you could say I was inspired to go into medicine by that show.I want students to understand that treating patients is not just about medicine, but also about the human connection to the patient."

Richard G. Lugar
Photo of Rizwan Shah, M.D.

Rizwan Shah, M.D.

"Devoted to Abused Infants and Children"

"When I started on this, there was nobody else available, so I volunteered myself. I came halfway across the world from where I was born, and I believe there must be a reason why I am here..."

Leonard L. Boswell
Photo of Deborah A. Turner, M.D.

Deborah A. Turner, M.D.

"Inspired educator and clinician"

"I'd liked to be thought of as the type of doctor who did the very best she could for her patients. I love what I am doing and hope to be remembered by the families I helped through difficult times."

Leonard L. Boswell
Photo of Jennifer Niebyl, M.D.

Jennifer Niebyl, M.D.

"Leader in High-Risk Obstetrics"

"I always wanted to be a doctor and make the decisions that can really help people. When I first started out, my father was a bit worried. He was afraid it was too much of a man's world, and I'd lose my femininity."

James A. Leach
Photo of Carol Scott-Conner, M.D.

Carol Scott-Conner, M.D.

"Accomplished surgeon, teacher and author"

"Surgery is a wonderful way to help people directly. You have an immediate impact. It combines knowledge of the human body with the art of using your hands and mind to help another person."

James A. Leach
Photo of Jeanne Montgomery Smith, M.D.

Jeanne Montgomery Smith, M.D.

" Trailblazer for Women in Medicine"

"I went into medicine because I wanted to help. When I was 16, I won a local art prize and everybody thought I'd be an artist, but I wanted to be a doctor. The next year, when I was 17, I started medical school."

James A. Leach
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