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2016 AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects

September 27, 2016

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) funded eight HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects in September 2016 in the 23rd round of the program. NLM has continued its HIV/AIDS-related outreach efforts to community-based organizations, patient advocacy groups, faith-based organizations, departments of health, and libraries. This program provides support to design local programs for improving information access for HIV/AIDS patients and the affected community as well as their caregivers. The projects are funded for one year.

Black Girl Health

Harrisburg, PA
"Pop the Question"

Pop the Question is an outreach project designed to increase the knowledge of HIV/AIDS by using social media to connect Black and Hispanic women to NLM online resources and testing services offered by a local health clinic. To accomplish this goal, Black Girl Health is going to develop and launch a social media video campaign through a short-form video sharing service. The video will communicate NLM HIV/AIDS resources and promote HIV testing. Black Girl Health will evaluate the impact of the video campaign by partnering with a health clinic located in Harrisburg, PA to measure the increase in HIV testing in the target demographic. The project builds on a prior successful NLM project and an existing relationship with the clinic. The clinic established a popular Facebook page to disseminate NLM articles and build HIV/AIDS awareness among minority women. They also developed a tutorial to be used in a classroom setting.

Comunidades Unidas / Communities United

Salt Lake County, UT
"Community Outreach Project to Increase Access to HIV/AIDS Health Information"

Comunidades Unidas will bolster accessibility of HIV/AIDS related health information and resources among the Latino population of Salt Lake County, Utah through training, social media, and in-person outreach. Staff and promotoras (community health workers) trained to use NLM resources for outreach events will target the MSM and LGBT communities. In addition, Comunidades Unidas will expand the mobile and fixed technology at their cyber center and health booth at the Mexican Consulate. Informational training sessions will occur at the health booth and organized workshops will be held on a weekly and monthly basis. Social media – Facebook, text, Twitter – will be increased for awareness, treatment and tips. The educational sessions, use of mobile technology, cyber centers, culturally appropriate workshops and resource sheets will help to increase access to NLM resources.

d’Vinci Interactive

Hagerstown, MD
"HIV/AIDS Basics eLearning & Assessment Project"

d'Vinci Interactive proposes to create an interactive eLearning and assessment module. They will use content from a previously developed HIV/AIDS Basics online document created by their secondary partner, POZ Magazine. This eLearning module will cover such topics as HIV/AIDS, HIV prevention, HIV treatment, opportunistic infections, and HIV and specific populations.  Each section will be scenario-based and will include resources from the NLM to help users understand and retain knowledge. POZ Magazine will use its extensive social media outlets to promote use of the module.

El Centro de Educacion de Trabajadores

New York City and Nassau County, NY
"Interactive Spanish Language Educational Modules"

El Centro de Educacion de Trabajadores will create and post online at a dedicated website four online interactive Spanish language educational modules. All content will utilize brief interactive, vignettes to demonstrate key concepts in HIV prevention, testing, and treatment to highlight and link to NLM HIV/AIDS online content. The software employed allows for integration of quizzes, surveys, videos, and other interactive content. El Centro de Educacion de Trabajadores will also create related print publications. All online and print content will be culturally appropriate and made readable for low literacy individuals. It will be promoted via Facebook and Twitter pages set up for the project, as well as, through presentations and one‐on‐one outreach to libraries, community based organizations, professional meetings and conferences, health educators, clinicians, and outreach professionals in New York City and Nassau County.

Norfolk State University

Hampton Roads, VA
"Project CHOICE"

Project CHOICE will develop iBooks that provide culturally relevant, interactive health information and innovative access to NLM resources to meet the health information needs related to HIV/AIDS of African American young adults in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The iBooks will be developed using NLM databases via an iterative process using focus groups to provide input on the content and usability of the iBooks. A training curriculum will be developed on use of the iBooks. Once developed, faith-based and community leaders conducting work on HIV/AIDS prevention and services will be trained to use the iBooks in programs and will encourage participants to download the iBooks for personal use.

Proactive Community Services

Cook County, IL

Proactive Community Services will create an HIV/AIDS health information resources curriculum using NLM resources for the participants in a Chicago State University STEP UP healthcare pathways program targeting low income African Americans. (STEP UP is a five year program funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.)  The curriculum will be used also to educate frontline health/social service workers and members of the public living with HIV/AIDS.  Both target communities are located on Chicago’s Southside and in Southland suburbs. The content will be pre-tested and modified if necessary and intervention specialists (facilitators) will be trained on its use.  To reach non-STEP UP individuals a mobile classroom will be acquired and proactive community services will engage with community partners and health service organizations to assist with non-STEP UP individual recruitment and training spaces. Promotional materials will be developed and targeted outreach activities will be used to recruit individuals to participate in the trainings.

YI Advisors

Washington, DC
"HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project"

This project will create a partnership between YI Advisors and The Grassroot Project (TGP). YI Advisors is a national organization that works to engage young adults on higher education, health care, jobs, and other issues. TGP uses peer education and an interactive, engaging curriculum that targets middle-school-aged students to prevent HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC using student athletes to serve as role models to local youth. TGP and YI Advisors will develop and implement an interactive social media campaign that provides the latest information from NLM resources on the HIV/AIDS epidemic to a wide audience, including the young people with whom TGP works closely. YI Advisors will provide training to support TGP staff in effectively developing the skills required to use social media to improve access to HIV/AIDS-related information for their primary audience of young adults. This campaign will include Twitter chats, graphics, photos, videos, and clear, informative infographics and other content that is easily shareable on social media channels. The social media campaign will be tailored to a teen and young adult audience in DC.  In addition YI Advisors and TGP will update the training curriculum TGP currently uses to prepare its student volunteers to engage with the public middle school population in DC to ensure that this curriculum fully and accurately includes the latest on HIV/AIDS information from the NLM.

Youth Technology Health

San Francisco County, CA

TRANSCONNECT is a user-centered-design based mobile application to reduce health disparities faced by transgender youth (TGY) and young adults, 16-28 years old. The application will increase availability, access, and utilization of critical HIV prevention information and resources from the NLM for TGY and TGY serving providers. TRANSCONNECT builds upon Youth Technology Health's 16 years of successful HIV/AIDS education and outreach to minority youth and their providers through the design and implementation of a unique trauma-informed mobile application that addressed the HIV prevention needs of TGY while also addressing the additional sexual, mental health, and social (housing, employment, transportation, etc.) needs that TGY face in their everyday lives. Additionally, the app will offer a provider’s module that supports service providers who engage with TGY. It will allow providers to take a comprehensive sexual and social history, access resources/guidelines. and provide services and referrals in a TGY-competent manner. All TRANSCONNECT elements will drive traffic to the NLM HIV/AIDS information resources.


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