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National Library of Medicine Announces Participants in Biomedical Health Research Data Management Program

January 12, 2018

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is pleased to announce the list of participants in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM)-created program, Biomedical and Health Research Data Management for Librarians.

The program began January 8, 2018, introducing librarians to data issues and policies, with the goal of implementing or enhancing data services at their institution. The course topics include an overview of data management, choosing appropriate metadata descriptors or taxonomies for a dataset, addressing privacy and security issues with data, and creating data management plans.

The program offers an 8-week online class, mentoring by a data librarian, and completion of a capstone project at the end of the course. The experience will culminate in a summit at NIH, April 10-11, 2018.

NLM Director Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD, said, “We need data-sophisticated librarians who can assist the research process, the enterprise, in developing the resources and data services around them.   The Biomedical and Health Research Data Management for Librarians program will offer the kind of training that will develop librarians’ skills and develop practical and actionable data services at their own institutions.”

Program participants:

  • Erin Anthony, Brown University
  • Elena Azadbakht, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Pamela Bagley, Dartmouth College
  • Adrienne Brodie, A. T. Still University
  • Jennifer Chaput, University of Connecticut
  • Heather Collins, University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Emily Couvillon, Georgetown University
  • Anna Crawford, West Virginia University
  • Kathy Davies, Augusta University
  • Jessica DeCaro, Case Western Reserve University
  • Scott Denlinger, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
  • Julia M. Esparza, Louisiana State University Health Shreveport
  • Jayson Felty, Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  • Jose Javier Garza, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Sheila W Green, Texas A&M University
  • Alyssa Grimshaw, Yale University
  • Rachel Helbing, University of Houston
  • Emily Johnson, UNT Health Science Center
  • Melissa Kahili-Heede, University of Hawaii
  • Bethany Kenyon, University of New England
  • Preeti Kochar, National Library of Medicine
  • Lynn Kysh, University of Southern California        
  • Andrea Lynch, City of Hope
  • Lauren Manninen, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  • Tisha Mentnech , University of Utah
  • Sarah Meyer, University of Florida
  • Rebecca Morgan, University of Louisville
  • Anna Ripple, National Library of Medicine
  • Kate Saylor, University of Michigan
  • Kerry Sewell, East Carolina University
  • Erin M. Smith, Virginia Tech
  • Porcia Vaughn, University of Texas at Austin
  • Kathryn Vela, Washington State University
  • Debra Werner, University of Chicago
  • Laura Wright, Tulane University

At the April summit, these national program participants will be joined by representatives from the Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) data services pilot program. The MAR pilot participants are: Nell Aronoff, Donna Berryman, Amy Lyons, Michelle Zafron, Elizabeth Stellrecht, Linda Lohr, University of Buffalo; Tom Melvin, Sarah Katz, Natalia Lopez, Sandra Millard, University of Delaware; Beth Ten Have, Abby Adamczyk, Kathleen Turner, Janice Masud-Paul, Deborah Morley, Drexel University; Rebekah Miller, Gesina Phillips, Cathryn Miller, Duquesne University; Jessica Koos, Laurel Scheinfeld, SUNY Stony Brook; Jenny Pierce, Gretchen Sneff, Natalie Tagge, Nancy Turner, Temple University.

The program was developed and is led by Jessi Van Der Volgen (Assistant Director of NNLM Training Organization) and Shirley Zhao (Data Science Librarian of the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah), and is supported by co-teachers, reviewers, and mentors from libraries across the country: Marisa Conte, Anna Dabrowski, Christopher Eaker, Lisa Federer, Jen Ferguson, Jessica Gallinger, Patricia Gogniat, Tina Griffin, Margaret Henderson, Amy Koshoffer, Wladimir Labeikovsky, Tobin Magle, Sara Mannheimer, Hannah Norton, Peter Oxley, Zac Painter, Kevin Read, Franklin Sayre, Yasmeen Shorish, Vicky Steeves, Alisa Surkis, Jamie Wittenberg, and Mary Zide.

The NNLM Research Data Management Working Group will also participate in the summit and continue to serve as a resource for health sciences librarians and information professionals interested in improving their data management skills. The program complements the ongoing efforts of the NNLM RD3: Resources for Data-Driven Discovery which serves as a resource in fostering learning and collaboration in data science to support sharing, curating, and annotating biomedical data.


The Biomedical and Health Research Data Management is supported by grant UG4LM012344 from the National Library of Medicine.


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Last Reviewed: January 12, 2018