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NLM Collaborates with Publishers to Make Monkeypox-related Literature Immediately Accessible

September 08, 2022

As part of the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) ongoing efforts to leverage its information resources to accelerate discovery around monkeypox, NLM is working with publishers to make monkeypox-related publications freely and immediately accessible to the public.

NLM is accepting deposits of peer-reviewed journal articles on monkeypox and other orthopox-related diseases into PubMed Central (PMC), NLM’s digital archive of biomedical and life sciences literature.  To be in scope, articles—including original research articles and systematic reviews—should be from publishers that currently submit to PMC and are published in journals that are in the NLM Collection. They should include a machine-readable license, preferably Creative Commons, that allows for inclusion in and distribution through the PMC Open Access Subset, and clearly indicates broad terms of reuse.

NLM’s Public Health Emergency Monkeypox Initiative web page helps individuals find monkeypox and related literature and provides additional information to assist publishers interested in participating in this effort.