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Wei Ma Selected to Serve as Acting Director, Office of Computer and Communication Systems, National Library of Medicine

December 13, 2022

Wei Ma has been selected to serve as Acting Director, Office of Computer and Communication Systems (OCCS) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is expected to assume the role in January 2023 as Ivor D’Souza assumes the role of Acting Director for the NIH Center for Information Technology.

In this role, Ms. Ma will oversee a team responsible for NLM’s information technology (IT) services, cloud strategy, security operations, and scientific computing enterprise. She will be responsible for providing efficient, cost-effective computing and networking services, technical advice, and collaboration in informational sciences in support of NLM’s research and management programs.

“NLM will benefit from Ms. Ma’s extensive knowledge of NLM’s IT systems, services, and offerings,” said NLM Director Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD. “Her leadership will ensure that NLM continues to maintain the high quality, secure information systems and platforms that enable NLM to protect and preserve our massive literature and data resources, and deliver online content to researchers, health care professionals, and patients worldwide.”

Wei Ma joined NLM in 1998 and has been serving as the Chief, Application Branch, OCCS, since 2003. She supervised multidisciplinary teams of professionals to conduct scientific research and investigations, develop major, critical government and enterprise applications, operate productions with IT support and maintenance, and support thousands of end users. She has managed software application development and deliveries for several critical NLM applications, such as, MedlinePlus, DOCLINE®, Digital Collections, DailyMed, AccessGUDID, and more. She also supervised the branch’s technology modernization, process standardization, and automation to deliver the best services.

This leadership change is taking place as NLM’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Director of OCCS, Ivor D’Souza has been selected to serve as the Acting Director of the NIH Center for Information Technology (CIT) while a nationwide search is conducted. Throughout his tenure as CIO at NLM, Mr. D’Souza has provided executive leadership for NLM’s IT services including organizational IT strategy and federal IT compliance. He has managed complex IT operations involving federal systems and infrastructure as well as IT operations and software development programs that provide online content.