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NLM Classification Updated, May 1, 2014

The online National Library of Medicine Classification, available at //, has been issued in a newly revised edition as of May 1, 2014.

Summary Statistics for the 2014 NLM Classification

  • 13 class numbers added
  • 402 class number captions or notes modified; indentation levels changed; schedule headers revised
  • 7 class numbers canceled
  • Table G numbers (Geographic notation):
    • 4 numbers added : DB9—British Virgin Islands; DC25— Caribbean Netherlands; DC95— Curaçao; DS5— Sint Maarten
    • 3 cross references added: Saba see Caribbean Netherlands;
    • St. Eustatius see Caribbean Netherlands; Virgin Islands of the United States see United States Virgin Islands
    • 1 caption modified: DV5--Virgin Islands of the United States was changed to United States Virgin Islands
    • 2 numbers relocated: DN4--Netherlands Antilles was moved to the Historical Geographic Locations section; JI5—Indochina was moved to the Obsolete Table G Notations section
  • 105 index main headings added (42 from 2014 MeSH)
  • 393 index entries modified
  • 39 index headings deleted

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