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Games to Learn By: National Library of Medicine Announces Three New Resources for Students

January 14, 2016

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) Division of Specialized Information Services announces the launch of three interactive, educational iOS apps for students studying genetics, chemistry and environmental health science. These free, readily accessible resources help students learn concepts such as DNA base pairing, the Bohr model of the atom and environmental conservation. Designed in collaboration between high school educators and the SIS K-12 team, Bohr Thru and Base Chase reinforce content taught in the biology/chemistry classroom. A third game, Run4Green, reinforces concepts like environmental conservation and introduces students to the value of “green” alternatives. Download these games on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by visiting the NLM app page at:

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  • Bohr Thru: 3-match style game requires users to collect and organize protons, neutrons and electrons in order to create Bohr models that represent the first 18 elements on the periodic table, such as Carbon, Nitrogen and Lithium. With the help of the main character, Atom, players become familiar with a variety of chemical elements and their structures. Teachers can easily implement short, in-class game sessions to enhance their students’ understanding of the periodic table.
  • Base Chase: Learn the bases of DNA with this fast-paced, educational app. Players grab bases of DNA in order to complete unique DNA strands for a variety of animals. DeeNA, the game’s cartoon mascot, assists players in completing each of the required tasks. The game includes a helpful tutorial.
  • Run4Green: The importance of environmental conservation is reinforced through this interactive, slide scrolling game. Topics, such as greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energy and green product purchases are emphasized throughout game play. Playing as a jolly, green and earth-shaped character, users collect coins and perform environmentally friendly tasks. The game is appropriate for students in grades 5-8.

Visit the NLM K-12 home page, at // for additional resources!


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Last Reviewed: January 14, 2016