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National Library of Medicine Launches “Outreach to Specific Populations” Listserv

The US National Library of Medicine (NLM) announces the creation of a new Outreach to Specific Populations listserv (// This free information system will provide health information professionals, librarians, advocates, healthcare professionals, students and others with an opportunity to share information and discuss outreach to specific populations through quality information, capacity building and community engagement. This discussion forum will enable participants to stay informed about health information resources, services and programs tailored to specific populations, as well as connect with colleagues in the field and benefit from discussions that address best practices, challenges and gaps associated with health information outreach to specific populations. It was created by the Outreach & Special Populations Branch in the NLM Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS).

Information distributed through the OSP Listserv (NLM_OSP-L) will include but not be limited to:

Health information outreach programs and services tailored to specific populations (i.e. Students/Educators, Health Professionals, Minorities, Women, Seniors, etc.)

  • Information resources addressing health topics ranging from HIV/AIDS and Environmental Health to Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
  • Announcements of funding opportunities
  • Notices of national, state and/or local meetings and conferences
  • Information and technological resources for and about specific populations
  • Training opportunities
  • Best practices, trends, new ideas
  • Publications, articles, and research findings related to health information outreach

We encourage you to let others know about the OSP listserv and to share its messages.

If there are problems submitting subscription information, please send an e-mail to the list administrator at

Subscribers will receive an automated message from NLM_OSP-L followed by a welcomemessage from the listserv administrator with additional information about their subscriptions.

Listserv Guidelines  

  • The OSP listserv is monitored, but not moderated.
  • Health information, outreach-related ideas, announcements, resources, questions and
  • comments are encouraged.
  • Use descriptive subject lines.
  • Use "Reply All" only if a response is intended for everyone on the list.
  • Subscribers are expected to use professional language and submit appropriate, on-topic material.




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