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Text Description for NLM: A Platform for Biomedical Discovery and Data-Powered Health, 2018

Text description for this video

00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,000
Image - Globe with circling text. Text overlay "NIH/NLM A platform for Biomedical Discovery and Data-Powered Health"

00:00:03,001 --> 00:00:06,000
Image – Human eye with computer search illustration overlay. Camera zooms closer to eyeball.

00:00:06,001 --> 00:00:08,000
Image - Computer screen with various code images. Camera zooms into computer screen.

00:00:08,001 --> 00:00:13,000
Image – Head of woman with glasses looking into the camera. Text overlay "Enabling use of big data sets"

00:00:13,001 --> 00:00:17,000
Video – Person in scientific protective gear pouring liquid from one test tube into another. Text overlay "Visualization Tools". Additional text overlay "Biology Science Virus Structure" – Image overlay showing virus and molecular illustrations.

00:00:17,001 --> 00:00:19,000
Video – Molecular analysis dashboard with moving DNA string. Text overlay "Innovative Advanced Analytics"

00:00:19,001 --> 00:00:20,000
Video – Man and women looking at graphs. Text overlay "Innovative Advanced Analytics"

00:00:20,001 --> 00:00:22,000
Video – DNA analysis screen. Text overlay "Innovative Advanced Analytics"

00:00:22,001 --> 00:00:24,000
Video – 3D molecule model. Text of DNA sequences in upper left of screen. Text overlay "Findability"

00:00:24,001 --> 00:00:27,000
Video – Man wearing virtual reality headset interacting with DNA dashboard. Text overlay "Collaborative Platforms"

00:00:27,001 --> 00:00:33,000
Video – Man checking watch. Text overlay "Electronic Health Records". Video merges into another man holding image of a brain scan.

00:00:33,001 --> 00:00:37,000
Video – Students leaning against lockers looking at personal digital assistant. Video overlay of cartoon rendered molecule which merges into a cartoon rendered man holding his stomach.

00:00:37,001 --> 00:00:41,000
Video – Man looking at his cell phone. Images of heart and related information appear on the screen. Text overlay "Health Information"

00:00:41,001 --> 00:00:45,000
Video – Doctor and nurse with baby. Image of cross section of head and neck appear on the screen. Text overlay "Data-Powered Health"

00:45:00,001 --> 00:00:49,000
Video – Close-up of person in medical mask. Image of medical computer information appear on the screen. Text overlay "Innovation Accelerator"

00:00:49,001 --> 00:00:54,000
Video – Rotating image of National of Library of Medicine seal merges into globe with circling text. NIH NLM logo appears in upper left of screen.

Last Reviewed: May 30, 2018