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The Sixth Annual Science Day At NIH 2019 - Transcript

[Smooth techno music]

[Lynne Holden]
I want to welcome you here to the National Institutes of Health. As you know, my name is Dr. Lynne Holden. I'm actually an Emergency Medicine Physician—how many people have been to the emergency department for one thing or another?

Science Day is a way for students from underrepresented backgrounds to come into the wonderful world of the National Institutes of Health and to see firsthand how science is actually impacting their everyday life.

[Jerry Sheehan]
It's a great way for us to build on our commitment to engagement; trying to reach out to different communities; students. Bring them into science and medicine and tell them about scientific careers but also make them aware of the resources we have that can help them in that journey.

[Eliseo Pérez-Stable]
It isn't just about cells and molecules and biology and physiology it's also about social issues and social justice and place and behavior and environment and all these things interact in a complicated way.

[Makal Thomas Matthews]
I've seen a lot of interesting scientists coming from you know families that can't afford certain things so and I think that's really inspirational somehow, you know just to be able to see people make their way, People who look like me; people who don't look like me.

[Kyndall Myers]
Today I basically learned how hard I have to work to get to where I want to be. And most of all, like, taking college seriously.Hearing other people's stories and seeing how far they've come just inspired me to want to push harder.

[Charles Blakely]
I know I've struggled with trying to figure out what I want to do in life as it's my senior year but I feel as though everyone's been giving like some great some really encouraging words as to do what you're passionate about and that's what I'm going to end up doing.

[Faustine Williams]
Have goals. Have dreams. Embrace your setbacks. Embrace your mistakes. Yes, my mistakes has made me who I am today. It doesn't matter your background. What matters most is your passion, your determination. That is what is going to make you reach the top!

[Smooth techno music rises and fades]

Last Reviewed: October 31, 2019