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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

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Term Definition
Health Statistics Enterprise The organizations and agencies that run health statistics studies and conduct research related to them.
Incidence The occurrence of cases of conditions or diseases.
Index case The first observed case
Indicators A statistical estimate that refers to a concept or pattern and can be used to understand its change over time
Micro-data analysis The analysis of individual observations
Micro-data files Files used for a micro-data analysis
Noninstitutionalized population The population living in households or other quarters but not including those in institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, prisons or other places where care is provided or people are confined. School dormitories are not considered to be institutions for this purpose.
Outcomes The impact of an intervention on health status
Periodicity The frequency with which data are collected in a series of data collections. For example, in the United States the decennial census is conducted once every 10 years.
Population Norm The rate of a condition or characteristics expected in a defined population. A population norm may be used to judge the status of a constituent group within the population and relate its health status to the broader population.
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