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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

The NIOSH Interactive Website
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NIOSH’s statistical website for Occupational Respiratory Disease is an example of a CDC website that allows users to generate tables to meet their specifications.

This site provides access to prepared reports and also allows users to generate tables for the Nation and by Occupation and Industry.

Users request tables by completing a form that shows them the types of information that is available.

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The website provides results according to their specifications. For example, the following table was generated from the NIOSH website to show the deaths and Potential Years of Life Lost due to asthma that was associated with working in particular industries.

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In these sites, users are offered a series of choices regarding the tables that will be produced. The website generates the tables in real time allowing users to have immediate access to the data that they need.

The site uses an approach that is typical of these kinds of sites.
  • When users log on at the home page of the site, they see an explanation of the material and are asked to choose from among several possible approaches.
  • They are then offered a menu of choices regarding the type of information they would like to display in a table.
It is important to remember that:
  • This is an excellent way to obtain tables customized to a particular inquiry, but it is not the same as manipulation of micro data in that the statistical tests offered are limited
  • Tables on this type of site are limited to the data found on the site
  • The NOISH website offers researchers the option of downloading the results into a spreadsheet.
  • The designers of the site have also limited the particular cross tabulations that are available
  • These measures insure the privacy of subjects of the statistical series while providing useful information
  • Additional information can usually be found by obtaining the public use dataset and conducting a micro-data analysis.