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To take advantage of the new tools, researchers, librarians and the public need to learn new research skills that provide access to the structure inherent in statistical reports. A key issue is how users will replicate the authoritative characteristics of printed materials. Website designers have been sensitive to these needs, but users need to focus on these materials.

This course shows you how you can use the Internet to:
  • Obtain the latest results,
  • Find historical series, including many of the printed reports, and
  • Get information about the methods and limitations of studies compiled, collected and analyzed.
It also covers finding health statistics in the literature that can be found in a research library.

What You Will Learn
The course helps you:
  • Understanding health statistics sources.
  • Devise strategies to use the Library and the Internet to find health statistics and
  • Discover technical material that describes the methods, sources and limits of health statistics.
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