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NLM Office of Computer and Communications Systems

OCCS Mission

The Office of Computer and Communications Systems (OCCS) provides efficient, cost-effective computing and networking services, technical advice, and collaboration in informational sciences in support of the research and management programs offered through NLM.

OCCS develops and provides the NLM backbone computer networking facilities, and supports, guides, and assists other NLM components in local area networking. The Division provides professional programming services and computational and data processing facilities to meet NLM program needs; operates and maintains the NLM Computer Center; designs and develops software; and provides extensive customer support, training courses and seminars, and documentation for computer and network users.

OCCS helps to coordinate, integrate, and standardize the vast array of computer services available throughout all of the organizations comprising NLM. The Division also serves as a technological resource for other parts of NLM and for other Federal organizations with biomedical, statistical, and administrative computing needs.

The Division promotes the application of High Performance Computing and Communication to biomedical problems, including image processing.

The OCCS staff develops computer-based systems for information retrieval applications, conducts computer science and engineering research and development, and consults and collaborates in the area of advanced electronic office automation facilities. They support software systems to perform these services, and conduct research and evaluations for best fit solutions to information access needs.

About OCCS

Acting Director, Wei Ma
Acting Director, Information Systems
Acting Chief Information Officer

Systems Services Section

Plan, evaluate, design, deploy, operate, and maintain leading edge computing and storage environments to meet NLM application needs. Plan, design, implement, and maintain the security and reliability of NLM production systems and development environments.

Facilities Management Section

Plan, design, operate, and maintain safe, robust, and reliable computer center facilities and services to house NLM computing platforms, networking equipment, security apparatuses, storage devices, and backup systems. Monitor computer center operations and manage system backup.

Network Engineering Section

Plan, evaluate, design, deploy, operate, and maintain state of-the art networking and data communications technologies, products, and services to meet NLM's internal and external connectivity requirements in compliance with established FIPS standards.

Desktop Services Section

Plan, evaluate, procure, deploy, and maintain robust and reliable personal computing capabilities and services. Assist office automation services and provide technical support to NLM staff. Administer and manage security and access control mechanisms.

E-Health Information Support Section

Plan, research, design, deploy, operate, and maintain state of-the art online health information and library business applications to support NLM mission. Provide consulting and technical support services to NLM divisions and external organizations.

E-Library Technology Support Section

Plan, research, design, deploy, operate, and maintain leading edge systems and technologies to support library business and operations. Provide technical support with a specific focus and expertise in Information Technology operation, maintenance, and support.


Plan, develop, enhance, and operate software applications such as the Unified Medical Language System, the RxNorm system, and the Medical Subject Headings system to manage, produce, and disseminate controlled medical vocabularies and classifications.

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Last Reviewed: October 22, 2020