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Webinar Materials
Download Modernization Public Meeting Presentations (PDF)
Download Beta Breakout Room Presentation (PDF)
Download PRS Beta Breakout Room Presentation (PDF)
Download Modernization Public Meeting Transcript (PDF)
Download Beta Breakout Room Transcript (PDF)
Download PRS Beta Breakout Room Transcript (PDF)

On April 25, 2023, NLM hosted a virtual public meeting to provide a detailed look at the modernized and Protocol Registration and Results System (PRS) websites, progress updates, and an opportunity to hear from modernization team members and other stakeholders. Adobe PDF handouts and transcripts for the main room and two breakout room presentations, as described in the meeting agenda (PDF; May 11, 2023),
are provided in the Webinar Materials box. Descriptions of the sessions and presentation recordings are below.


Presentation Recordings


Last Reviewed: May 25, 2023