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Getting Started with NCBI Data in Python

On April 19, the NCBI Education Team provided a workshop on Getting Started with NCBI Data in Python. Training materials from this event are available on this page.

Learn how to tackle bigger biomolecular datasets more reliably with the power of Python programming. This workshop is designed for biologists without programming experience. Our examples will use genomic, transcript, and protein sequence data, but the programming skills will be broadly relevant for all biologists.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use Python programming to download, analyze, and visualize data.
  • Use Jupyter to create data analysis ‘lab notebooks’ that make it easy to reproduce & share your work.
  • Find data that is relevant to your project using the new NCBI Datasets resource. Explore metadata to learn about which datasets are available.
  • Download sequence data with NCBI Datasets and manipulate it with the BioPython package.

NOTE: This workshop is designed for people with a good understanding of molecular biology, but who have limited or no scripting experience.

Keyboard controls: Space bar - toggle play/pause; Right and Left Arrow - seek the video forwards and back; Up and Down Arrow - increase and decrease the volume; M key - toggle mute/unmute; F key - toggle fullscreen off and on.

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Webinar Materials

Slides (PDF)
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Last Reviewed: April 19, 2022