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MLA 2008, NLM Update, Sheldon Kotzin

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NLM Update
NLM Update
Part 3:  Library Operations
Sheldon Kotzin
Associate Director for Library Operations
May 20, 2008


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Make My Job Rewarding
Make My Job Rewarding

  • Don Lindberg
  • Betsy Humphreys
  • Becky Lyon


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NLM Advisory Committees

NLM Advisory Committees
Board of Regents

  • Holly Buchanan (consultant) – New Mexico
  • Ginny Tanji (begins in 2008) – Hawaii
  • Eileen Stanley


  • Judy Consales – UCLA
  • Etheldra Templeton – Phil Coll Osteopathic Med
  • Deborah Ward – Missouri
  • Jim Shedlock – Northwestern


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NLM Advisory Committees

NLM Advisory Committees
PubMed Central

  • Cynthia Henderson – Morehouse


  • Cathy Norton – Marine Biological Labs
  • Catherine Soehner – Michigan
  • Linda Walton (2008) – Iowa


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My question is:  Are we making an impact?

My question is:  Are we making an impact?


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Image/screenshot of search results on an NLM Web page with the results displayed in clusters

Image/screenshot of search results on an NLM Web page with the results displayed in “clusters”.


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Users can navigate to these topic pages from the English health topic pages.

You can see here the English page for the Common Cold.

We’ll be adding a box to the page.  The box shows the languages with links in MedlinePlus.


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Go Local Enhancements

Go Local Enhancements

  • Health Information as well as Health Services
  • Improved Relevance Ranking
  • Links to Maps and Directories
  • Evaluation is Underway
  • Services for Areas with No Go Local Product (2008)
  • Mapping Go Local Vocabulary to AIRS Vocabulary (2008)


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Go Local Map

Go Local Map
(May 2008)


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  • American Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Customer Service Questions


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NIHSeniorHealth Topics

NIHSeniorHealth Topics

  • Participating in Clinical Trials
  • High Cholesterol
  • Kidney Disease
  • Talking with your Doctor
  • Leukemia
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Complementary Medicine
  • Eating Well


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Don Francisco
Don Francisco

  • Best-known entertainer on Spanish television
  • 100 million viewers in over 20 countries
  • Dedicated to health issues:
    • Founded Chilean telethon for handicapped children
    • UNICEF ambassador
    • VP of US Muscular Dystrophy Association
    • PAHO spokesman for public health campaigns throughout the Americas

So how can we reach these users? 
If I asked you how many people know Don Francisco – before you looked at the board book page, probably I would have seen very few hands up.
However, if I asked how many people know Oprah Winfrey – probably everyone in this room knows who she is – well Don Francisco is arguably as well known in the Latino community as Oprah is here in the US.

Why is he so well known?
His television show, Sabado Gigante, which is based in Miami - has been on the air for over 40 years.
His popularity bridges the age groups and nationalities

Beyond his popularity  - he is well known as a spokesman for health issues concerning the Hispanic community.
PAHO campaigns: childhood vaccinations, prenatal care, mental health and drug abuse
Also point out – Don Francisco donated his time to do these PSAs.


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Campaign Scope: Nationwide

Campaign Scope: Nationwide

  • Distribution:
    • 100 Spanish-language television stations
    • 450 Radio stations
  • Neilson television tracking report:
    • July 24 through August 12
    • TV PSA’s aired 9,407 times
    • Estimated viewers: 68 Million

Preliminary tracking report statistics for July 24 –August 12
PSAs have aired on television over 9000 times in the first six weeks of the campaign.


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MedlinePlus Milestones

MedlinePlus Milestones
MedlinePlus Usage


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MedlinePlus Usage en espanol by Country

MedlinePlus Usage en espanol by Country


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ILL Requests

ILL Requests 

The number of DOCLINE participating libraries has grown over the years, along with the number of items requested.  ILL demand peaked in 2002 at 3.03 million requests, and has gradually declined since.

In fiscal year 2005 , there were 2.48 million items requested by Health Sciences libraries. This includes both journal article copies and original materials such as books and audiovisuals.

  •         -9%

2006       -7%
2005       -8%
2004       -6%
2003       -6%
2002       4%


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DOCLINE Enhancements

DOCLINE Enhancements

  • Redesign of Request & Serial Holdings Pages
  • E-License Restrictions


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DOCLINE Enhancements

Screenshot/image of Tox Town homepage.
Tox Town neighborhoods are now available in Spanish. This page illustrates where you might find lead (plomo) in a city scene, with links on the right to Spanish-language materials about lead.
URL for the city scene is .


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Refugee Health Information Network

Refugee Health Information Network

Partnership with state refugee health coordinators – Five state refugee health coordinators on the steering group

Materials provided by clinics that provide refugee health care.

Simultaneous searching of RHIN database and those of trusted partners

  • Ethnomed
  • Healthy Roads Media
  • Hmong Health

Additional trusted partners being explored

One of the current associates is doing a project examining information needs of refugee health care providers especially related to new refugee populations

Upcoming RHIN conference in July at NLM to provide input on further development

RHIN providing foreign language material to MedlinePlus

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Screenshot/image of Drug Information Portal homepage

Screenshot/image of Drug Information Portal homepage


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Screenshot/image of Dietary Supplements Labels Database homepage
Screenshot/image of Dietary Supplements Labels Database homepage


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Screenshot/image of Household Products Database homepage
Screenshot/image of Household Products Database homepage


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What is CHSI?

What is CHSI?

  • County level health profiles for all 3,141 counties in the U.S.
  • Convenient, easy-to-use 16 page report for each county relative to its peers
  • One stop shop for a broad community health assessment
  • Conveys breadth of public health issues and uniqueness of local needs and assets


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CHSI features

CHSI features

  • Web site with searchable database & printable brochure
  • Comparison of counties to their peers & U.S.
  • GIS- mapping component
  • Researchers database
  • Links to other related resources
  • Training materials


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What are the Data Sources?
What are the Data Sources?

  • National Vital Statistics System (CDC)
  • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
  • Infectious Diseases Reporting System (CDC)
  • EPA’s Air Quality Reporting System & Toxic Release Inventory
  • U.S. Census Bureau & Bureau of Labor Statistics - Current Population Survey
  • CMS
  • Harvard Initiative on Global Health

Indicators that are important, actionable, regularly reported, and available for all U.S. counties.


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Index Section
Index Section

  • FY2007
    • 671,000 indexed citations added to MEDLINE.
    • 49,000 gene indexing links created (4% increase from last year).
  • FY2008
    • 700,000 indexed citations added to MEDLINE
    • 72,000 gene indexing links created


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Table of Journals Index from Publisher Web sites.

Table of Journals Index from Publisher Web sites.

  • March 2006

Web-only journals: 107
Journals with print versions:  140
Total:  247

  • March 2007

Web-only journals: 125
Journals with print versions:  266
Total:  391

  • March 2008

Web-only journals: 149
Journals with print versions:  971
Total:  1120 (22% of all journals)


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  • Accept DOI in Pagination Field
  • Include investigator names in MEDLINE citations.
  • Include grant numbers for HHMI and U.K. funders.


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  • December 2007:  Added 55,557 citations from the 1949 Current List of Medical Literature (CLML) to MEDLINE/PubMed. 
  • Working on mapping the citation keywords to current MeSH.


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PubMed Alerts
PubMed Alerts

  • Email notification of major system problems for PubMed, Journals database, Entrez MeSH database and the NLM Catalog.
  • Broadcast listserv to which users can subscribe.
  • Details:
    • Current NLM Technical Bulletin
    • MEDLINE/PubMed Resources guide (


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Electronic Full Text Access
Electronic Full Text Access (April 2, 2008)

  • All PubMed

Total Citations:  17,881,769
# Linked to Full Text:  46%
% Linked to Free Full Text:  13%

  • From 1990 and thereafter

Total Citations:  9,362,042
# Linked to Full Text:  69%
% Linked to Free Full Text:  17%

  • From 2000 and thereafter

Total Citations:  5,032,106
# Linked to Full Text:  84%
% Linked to Free Full Text:  20%

85% of PubMed citations/abstracts submitted electronically by publishers.
PubMed Central added 48% more articles in FY07.
As of April 1, PMC contains 1.3 million articles from 400 journals.


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  • 423 Journals Received Since May 2007
  • 109 (26%) Recommended
  • 12% of Journals were Electronic Only
  • 5,200 Journals Indexed


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2008 MeSH

2008 MeSH

  • 456 New MeSH Terms
  • 288 Terms Updated
  • 46 Terms Deleted
  • Revision of Leukemia & Lymphoma Trees
  • Publication Type


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Screenshot/image of DailyMed
Screenshot/image of DailyMed


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  • Standardized vocabulary for clinical drugs
  • 17,700 generic drugs
  • 14,000 branded drugs


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Tech Services Enhancements

Tech Services Enhancements

  • Testing MTI Software
  • Records for 60,000 Images in LocatorPlus
  • New Serials Subscription Contract
  • Revised Collection Development Statement – Veterinary Science
  • Printed LJI to Cease
  • Evaluation of Digital Archiving Software


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Screenshot/image of Smith Papyrus
Screenshot/image of Smith Papyrus


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Screenshot/image of Smith Papyrus
Screenshot/image of Smith Papyrus


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Against The Odds
Against The Odds

  • Health is a Basic Human Right
  • Gap Between Rich and Poor
  • Collaboration Between Scientists
  • Consequences of Toxins, Violence, Disasters
  • Individuals Can Make a Difference


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Profiles in Science (photographs)

Profiles in Science (photographs)

  • Maxine Singer
  • Mary Lasker
  • Alan Gregg
  • Sol Spiegelman


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Profiles in Science (photographs)

Profiles in Science (photographs)

  • Daniel Nathans
  • Victor McKusick


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Photo of NLM Associates 2007-2008
Photo of NLM Associates 2007-2008

  • Grace Ajuwon
  • Emily Vardell
  • Kate Flewelling
  • Brenda Linares
  • Sarena Burgess
  • Joanna Karpinski
  • Melissa Resnick


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Photo of 2007-2008 Second Year Associates
Photo of 2007-2008 Second Year Associates

Names and current location:
Marisa Conte-- University of Michigan, Alfred Taubman Medical Library
Courtney Crummett-- MIT, Engineering & Science Libraries
Robin Featherstone-- Yale University, Cushing / Whitney Medical Library
Alison Rollins-- Uniformed Services, University of the Health Sciences, Zimble Learning Resources Center


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AAHSL Leadership Fellows
AAHSL Leadership Fellows

Colleen Cuddy (NYU) was mentored by Judith Robinson (Eastern VA).
Jonquil  Feldman  (UT-San Antonio) was mentored by Michael Homan (Mayo Clinic).
Heidi Heilemann (Stanford) was mentored by Nancy Roderer (Johns Hopkins).
Mary Piorum (Umass) was mentored by Patricia Thibodeau (Duke).
Neville Prendergast (Washington U) was mentored by Carol Jenkins (UNC).


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NLM/AAHSL  Leadership Fellows Program
NLM/AAHSL  Leadership Fellows Program

  • 30 Fellows, each with a mentor
  • 13 have been promoted to positions of higher responsibility
  • 6 are directors of academic health sciences libraries
  • 2 have interim director appointments

For the past five years NLM has helped fund the Leadership Fellows Program coordinated by the Association of Academic Health Science Librarians. A total of twenty-five  fellows and twenty-five mentors have participated through this year. To date, four of the twenty-five fellows have assumed positions as directors of academic health science libraries and two are in interim director positions. Of the fifteen fellows in the first three years, eleven have been promoted to positions of higher responsibility.


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How Can We Use Technology to Form Lasting Connections With Our Colleagues and Our Communities
How Can We Use Technology to Form Lasting Connections With Our Colleagues and Our Communities?


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Are we making an impact?  Yes!

Are we making an impact?  Yes!

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Thank you

Thank you,

NLM Staff