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DailyMed, MLA 2008

A recording of the original presentation is available.

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DailyMed, Stuart J. Nelson


Stuart J. Nelson, MD, FA CP, FA CMI

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DailyMed Basis

DailyMed Basis

  • Structured Product Labels
  • FDA Approved Information



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What is a Product Label?

What is a Product Label?                              

  • Content Approved by FDA

  • Information for Prescribers/ Dispensers

  • Rarely Information for Patients


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Product Label Distribution: Old Method

Product Label Distribution       

Old Method

  • Printed on Odd Shaped Paper
  • Tiny Print
  • Folded to Postage Stamp Size
  • Stuck Inside Box
  • Some Printed in PDR
  • Updates Erratic

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Product Label Distribution: New Method

Product Label Distribution     

New Method

  • Submitted and Processed Electronically
  • Sent to NLM
  • Available Online (Section 508 Compliant)
  • Downloadable for Reuse
  • First Label November 1, 2005
  • Easily Updated


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Other Features of DailyMed

Other Features of DailyMed

  • Links
    • PubMed
    • MEDLINEplus
    • ClinicalTrials
    • Presence in Breast Milk
    • Reporting Adverse Events
  • RxNorm Names and Codes



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DailyMed Functions

DailyMed Functions

  • Download Product Labels
  • Print Product Labels
  • Forward Label
  • Search Archive for Old Labels
  • Notify of Changes (RSS)


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Screenshot of Ticlid label in DailyMed



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Screenshot of Ticlid RxNorm Names, from DailyMed

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Screenshot of Clinical Trials search of ticlopidine



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Screenshot of PubMed search for ticlopidine

Last Reviewed: June 20, 2008